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  • Christian Counselor in Scranton PA

    At Alpha & Omega Counseling Center, we are committed to providing you professional counseling and therapy regardless of your religion, gender, race or sexual preference.

    We promise to offer a clean, relaxed, open and honest atmosphere that allows you to feel comfortable and safe.

    Stephen Shafer, clinical director and lead counselor, does not believe there needs to be a line between his Christian faith and being a professional counselor. He understands that not everyone believes in a higher being, so he will provide counseling sessions that are specifically tailored to your specific needs whether they are Christian or secular. All creeds are accepted at Alpha & Omega Counseling, and we will NEVER push religion to you. We are here only to help you based on your needs.

    We completely believe that no matter what issues you may be facing…professional counseling can help!

    If you would like to inquire about counseling at our NEPA Scranton based center or to book Stephen for a wedding, funeral, christening or dedication, please feel call us or fill out the form below or on the “Contact Us” page. We will get back to you within 24 hours (usually less!).

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  • Stephen Shafer, M.S.

    Stephen Shafer is the clinical director and lead counselor of Alpha & Omega Counseling Center. He received his Masters of Science as a Rehabilitation Therapist and graduated top of his class from the University of Scranton. He is also a Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Board Certified Rehabilitation Therapist and belongs to the American Counseling Association, PA Rehabilitation Association and National Rehabilitation Association. 

    He and his wife, Terri, of 30+ years live in the quiet town of Greentown, Pennsylvania, and have three kids who are all adults and have children of their own. He dedicated his heart to God in 2005, opened up Alpha & Omega Counseling Center in 2007 and has been helping patients ever since.

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