• Testimonials

  • “My experience in coming to Stephen Shafer for counseling has been nothing short of awesome. I like many people, did not know what to expect when starting counseling and quite frankly I was skeptical. As a combat veteran of OIF and a recently going through a divorce, I thought he would have his work cut out for him. But to my surprise he was able to help me in ways that I couldn’t imagine. Stephen brings such a great combination of education, faith, experience in his field, and amazing life experience to the table when I see him. There was not one instance in my time with him that he couldn’t give me a new perspective on everything that I needed to confront and deal with in my life. He has really helped me, help myself, and I am very thankful that I went to him. He provides a very comfortable and laid back atmosphere and I would highly recommend him to any person, regardless of their background, to Mr. Shafer for counseling. I have learned what an invaluable service he provides and hope anyone going through a hard time in their personal life will reach out and do the same.”

    Artie Vitagliano


    “My family has been seeing Stephen Shafer for 1 and 1/2 months now and have made great gains in communication and gaining knowledge of each others feelings and ideas.  Raising adolescents is difficult and to find a therapist the whole family gels with is extremely difficult. Stephen is not all about the money he wants to see you all happy and able to hold on to the most important thing family.”

    John Cain – Angie’s List


    “I want to say that when I first came to Stephen I was at my wits end we had specific family issues that was no longer acceptable to any of us.  We did not get along we were all looking in our own directions. I no longer liked my husband the family was inn turmoil and we all were at the turning point…either we all work to get along or our family would crumble.  I walked into his office and was immediately in tears crying my eyes out to someone I had never met before.  I wasn’t sure how much it would cost and money was a real issue., Living paycheck to paycheck as many families do.  He made immediately  comfortable.  I think that God sent me to him that day, the next day my daughter went to see him she is 15 and she liked him ( she is very skeptical about people) the next day was my son who is 16 and opinionated but he also like him…. That Friday we all met as a family and he told us that we definitely had a chance as long as we all would agree to work with him and with each other.  We are 6 weeks into therapy we all see him individually, I see him with my husband in couples sessions and we do a family session and we are able to scrape the money together to afford him because he works with the people he helps.  He is really not in it for the money although he needs to support a family also.  We are currently working as a team communicating more effectively and my self and my husband have become more intimate anger front with our children.  We have a way to go all personally and as a family but meeting Stephen has helped us in ways no one could have.. He is a bit unconventional and is non intrusive but also is able to get to the heart of the matter.  I am grateful God brought us to him.  I highly recommend Alph and Omega because it really works.”

    Christine Cain – Angie’s List


    “I came to Stephen Shafer after having gone through many tough things in my life recently two of them being a divorce and a deployment to the middle east with the military. I finally realized that professional help was what I needed. I’ve been going to Stephen Shafer for counseling for the past 4 months and I have already seen a big difference in my outlook on  life and how I handle the hardships much differently and more effectively. Mr. Shafer’s service to me has been extremely valuable and I thank God every day for leading me to him. He has really helped me put things into perspective and that can make a huge difference for anybody going through life’s battles.  I was skeptical on counseling and not looking forward to starting originally but I absolutely have no regrets doing it now and would highly recommend anybody to Mr. Shafer as he has a lot of experience as a counselor and a life story that will amaze you. He made the atmosphere very laid back and welcoming from the get go and I always felt comfortable in his office. I have learned there is no shame in getting the help of a professional as it can make a big difference in your quality of life and give a person the confidence and new found abilities to handle all kinds of challenges. Mr. Shafer is conveniently located in Lake Ariel, PA and if you need to speak with a professional and live in the NEPA region then he would be the man for the job.”
    Arthur Vitagliano – Angie’s List
    “There’s no judgement. It is a wonderful wonderful experience. It is enlightening. It is very helpful.”
    Alyce Bernatovich – Angie’s List