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    Pastor Steve has written a book called “Walking out of Darkness” which is available in all fine book stores, online, at the counseling center in Lake Ariel, and at the alphaandomegacounseling.net website. It is also available at West Bow Press. This book covers Pastor’s life in three sections; the first is his own person story, watered down of course. A lot of the truth was too harsh to print, so it was suggested that the story be watered down so it could appeal to all age groups. The second part is Pastor Steve speaking about the condition of our wonderful country, and what he believes got us into to this downward spiral, and the third part is what we can do personally to relieve the burdens of the country and get us going in the right direction.  

    Pastor Steve believes that we are right at the beginning of the end. He believes that time is short, that the enemy is working overtime to try to kill us, distract us, or render us useless thus gaining an advantage. We need to wake up, look around and see that the end is near. We all have a calling on our lives, we all can make a difference, and we all have something that can help others. The key is knowing all this information.

    He does a wide array of speaking engagements; motivational speaking for your staff, day classes to your parishioners in a number of key areas that affect the lives of most adolescents, teens, and young adults. Pastor Steve will also do group or individual counseling for either staff or parishioners, and daily sessions on a wide array of issues that face the church today. Pastor Steve will come to your church or meeting place if that is more comfortable for you as a pastor, or the Ministry has two locations, one in Lake Ariel, 473 Easton Turnpike, Suite 2, Lake Ariel, PA 18436… and one in Scranton on 509 Pittston Ave, right around the corner from University of Scranton.

    Alpha & Omega Ministries does not believe in price gouging or taking advantage of people when they are down, thus the charge for counseling is set low, and we can work on a sliding scale for almost everyone who needs it. We are not about the money, but about the anointing. Pastor Steve does not want anyone to go without counseling because of money. Of course we have to charge something so we can pay the bills.

    Pastor Steve has come from a Pentecostal background, but has identification with all sects, and denominations. Pastor Steve has a no nonsense approach to therapy, and believes that therapy should not consume you, but that through therapy, Jesus Christ has a way to get into your life quicker, thus getting you back on track quicker. Pastor Steve does believe in the Holy Spirit, as the third person of the Trinity. He also believes in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and uses all of them in every way possible. We are in a war for our faith, and our lives as never before. We must learn how to put on the armor of God and pursue the enemy until he is dead in our lives.

    Alpha & Omega is not here to bring out differences, take away parishioners, walk all over your doctrines, or bring about harshness for denominations. But, he is here to unite all sects, denominations, and doctrines. We all need to have a common cause, saving the lost, healing the sick, whether sick in spirit, soul or body, and getting the church ready for whatever is coming next. We must be prepared for battle, as the word states that battle is coming, and, is in fact here, in most of the world. America is one of the last safe places on Earth to worship freely, and if we are not careful, we might be gone too.

    Alpha & Omega Ministries offers a broad array of services to the Christian Community. Pastor Steve, the executive Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries, is credentialed since 2011. He currently performs weddings, funerals, christenings, baptisms, andChristian therapy. And, he will come to your area or place of worship. He is also available to give his testimony of how God brought him from the street and gang life, to become a pastor. He speaks on why he ran from God, religion, and church for close to 30 years and his testimony appeals to all age groups.

    We here at Alpha & Omega Ministries believe that Christian counseling isn’t done by just anyone, or even by any Christian, but by someone who knows who they are in Christ, isn’t afraid to state that fact, and, knows how to defend themselves in a Spiritual fight. Let’s face facts, today’s world is not the same as our fathers and mothers’ world, and definitely isn’t our grandfathers or grandmother’s world. So, it would stand to reason then that the counseling process cannot be the same either.

    Alpha & Omega Ministries is all inclusive, we single out no specific religion. We cater to all Christians. Denomination is of no consequence here. We know what happens in churches. We know that well intentioned people can cause a lot of harm. We know that not so well intentioned people can cause even greater harm. The therapist Pastor Stephen Shafer is a Masters level therapist and is state certified, board certified, and has a PHD in life experience. Pastor Steve is experienced in the school of hard knocks, has been involved with many denominations, and is bound to only Jesus.