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Mental Health Issues

Mental health is the way your thoughts, feelings and behaviors affect your life.  Good mental health leads to a good self-image and positive relationships with others.  With good mental health, you make good life choices and decisions, and you use your coping skills for life challenges.

If you are experiencing mental health issues, counseling is a great way to get you back on track.  Sometimes people think they will snap out of it, they will help themselves when they’re ready or they feel embarrassed to seek help for mental issues.  A counselor can help you to make sense of your life issues and create understanding, healing and help you take steps that will make your life better.

Here at Alpha & Omega Counseling we get to the bottom of what your real problems are. Your thinking leads to feelings and your feelings lead to actions. Together, we change how you think about issues, then we change your feelings, and then your actions change.  This is how all positive change occurs and how we help you to deal with your life in new, positive ways.

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