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Choosing a counselor

So, you have been looking for a therapist. You’ve searched for counselors/ therapists on line, you’ve gone on Google to check them out, and now you’re ready to pick one. How do you choose who is best for you? That is always the most important question. Because, if you get the wrong therapist, you get the wrong therapy. Alpha & Omega believes that therapy should be well rounded, and there should be an open platform for communication. Therapy is, and should be, a spiritual experience. The therapists office should be a comfortable place. A place where we feel home, so to speak, where we can let our hair down, and not be judged.

Therapy should be a safe place. All our problems have their origin in three core areas: mental, physical, and spiritual. When you look for a therapist, you should always look for one that recognizes that there are three core areas. We are all Spiritual beings in possession of a soul,( mind, will, and emotions) locked within this physical body. So, all three are connected. Our spirits allow us to connect to someone across the room. It allows us to sense bad or good, and it allows us to hear with inside ears, that small still voice which only comes from within. Our spirits are the foundation of who we really are. The essence of us, if you will. Our soul; which is our mind, will, and emotions; is our thinker, doer, and our feeler. We rely on these to help us, to recognize things and to think, be, and feel our way around this thing called life. And lastly, our physical body is the vehicle in which our spirit resides.

To be content, we must have, love, peace, and joy. Spirituality is these three things.  So, given the fact that we are continuously finding ourselves unsettled in one area or another, it is wise to find some base in our foundation by which to live. Look within yourself for strength and hope which will lead to peace. Remember, love conquers all. Grace, mercy, peace, and love are all built into spirituality by their nature.

Remember, to love is to win. To have a spiritual base in life is to have love, peace, and joy, these things cannot be taken away no matter what we go through. These are all core values that strengthen us in times of instability that is caused by us not knowing what to do. If we look within ourselves, reach out to a counselor or therapist that has like core values, we will get the help we need every time. So, look for the spiritual in the counseling process and you’ll never go wrong.


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