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Balance is the perfect union between all things going on in your life at one time. It also includes all things involved in your life. The marriage between what is going on, and how I feel about it. What is happening, and how much effort we’re putting into the situations in our lives determines if there is balance or not. This thing called balance is elusive at best, but once achieved, it becomes priceless, because with balance comes peace, love, understanding, hope, grace, and of course the foundation principles of dignity, honor, respect, and integrity.

Everything in our lives is based on balance. All that we do, we do because we want to try to have balance restored to our lives. the choices we make, the way we see things, the way we hear things; the way we treat each other, is all based on how we incorporate things into our lives. How we process these things; what we believe, and how we see things is based on how we were brought up, our family of origin if you will. Our goal is usually to get to a place where we love ourselves, love others, and can figure out what to do to free us from the problems we are facing.

I have found in the years that I have been doing counseling that almost everything we have in our heads is directly due to what we learned from our family of origin. All our attitudes, all our preconceived notions, all our ways of behavior, and the way we do things, all because of our family of, if we do not like where things have gone in our lives, we need to correct our attitudes and outlooks from our family of origin.

The steps of AA and NA are focused on getting someone back into balance with themselves. Thus, the spiritual aspects of our lives is based on us finding us, and choosing to get out from under what it’s like to be wrong. Just because you received negative messages as you grew up does not mean that those words are true. We can choose the tapes that play in our heads. We are not locked into our past. We do not have to be wrong any longer.

The first step to freedom is knowing that there is a problem. Balance is finding the place where everything comes together as it should, in wonderful harmony. The place where you decide that what you see in front of you is not necessarily what you have to believe. We are always in battle with life, ourselves, our past, and our future. There are forces that try to disable us, trap and deceive us into believing that there is no hope, that change is not possible, and they we are stuck forever. But, that is a lie. We are only trapped by our lack to see past the natural. We have to be willing to live in the supernatural. Change is difficult. But it is possible, as we need to change to live in the present. As we put together the pieces of our lives; past, future, and present come together to create a balance of all that we are.

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