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Letting Go: Part 1

We all have trouble with letting things go. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s people places or things, letting them go is tough. I think it’s so tough because we set expectations on everything we do, everything we get involved with comes with an expectation that it’s all going to work out OK, its all going to go as I have imagined it, and unfortunately for us, most times it doesn’t. We set these unrealistic expectations on things and when it doesn’t work out letter perfect, we freak, and then of course its a crap storm for the next two weeks until we calm down enough to hear someone else. Because, there is always someone else in our lives that has gone through something similar and knows what to do.

When we let things go it’s a process. First we need to see the situation clearly, and that usually takes time as we get emotionally involved in our lives and in our decisions. So, we need to learn how to back off. Secondly, we need to see how this has affected us, truly affected us. Not that we are just pissed off, or that our feelings got hurt because we set unusually high expectations on whatever it is anyway, but clearly see how we got to where we are. Thirdly, we need to look to the real issue, us!!! What was my part in this, what did I do to contribute to this mess in my life, and lastly, how do I go back and clean “it” up. Whatever “it” is!!!

Also, letting go isn’t based upon God, or what religion you are a part of!! letting go is a component of our health, our emotional state of belief or disbelief of what are issues are in the first place. So, lets take a look at the dynamic in our lives for letting go. Most people will pray. Prayer is talking and listening. We humans, in one form or another, believe in a higher power in one form or another. It might be nature, it might be Jesus, it might be God, whatever belief you have is an important factor in letting go. Why??? Well, letting go implies that you are sending whatever “IT” is to someplace else. To someone else; if you will, so that implies that there is a higher power alive in your life. So, we get sick and tired of being sick and tired. That’s when the magic starts.

I don’t want to carry this stuff around with me any more. I do not want to be weighed down any longer with the stuff I need to give up. So, I just start giving “IT” to God, or to prayer, nature, whatever your belief system allows you to pray to at this point in your life. We will get to higher power, Jesus Christ, God, nature or whatever your power is in the next blog or to. But, for our purposes we will just say Jesus or Higher Power for now. Please do not be offended.

So, letting go happens in stages. First, I need to recognize there is an issue in the first place. Second, “IT” has to be making me miserable enough to want to do something about “IT”. and lastly, I need to want to be free of whatever “IT” is enough that I am willing to go to whatever lengths possible to throw “IT” from me. There are the ground rules for letting go!!!!! Now, once satisfied that “IT” is done screwing me, I need to get relief from the horrible turmoil that “IT” has been causing me, thus I pray, hey dude, or Pop, or God, or Daddy( that’s my favorite) I need help now. I need to feel good again. I need to throw this garbage as far from me as I can as quickly as I can, and I need help. It’s that surrender that makes the difference. It is forever understood that in spirituality, when I surrender, I become strong. So, getting willing to surrender my will, my best thinking, always helps in letting go; it’s actually the key.

Wow, this got long, sorry.

But this is the number one offender of people staying stuck in their disease, or whatever their problems are. We forget that our best thinking got us here, in whatever situation we find ourselves in, so , it stands to reason that our surrender will get us out. Whatever “IT” is in your life, throw it from you. Literally let “IT” go. Use whatever tools you have to surrender that thing, that situation that relationship, or that habit, and let Jesus free you. Let that bad dark rotting fruit go. It has not brought you pleasure in years. Become willing is the key, let your Higher Power do the rest. You have to be willing!!!! Then you have to be able to enjoy the freedom. Some people are stuck because they do not believe that they have the right to be free, to feel good, to let go to be surrendered to life that doesn’t have pain and abuse throughout it. So look to peace, freedom, joy, and goodness, for these will never fail you. They don’t change like emotions, because they are core values, and they don’t change with your emotions or circumstances.

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