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Letting Go: Part 2

So, once we let things go, how do we leave them go??? Most of us are able to let things go, but right after that, we take it back. So, we end up worse than when we started because when we let it go, we get relief, but right after that we take it all back again. And, we all know what that does to us. We get depressed, angry, frustrated, and upset because again, we let ourselves down. We can get depressed, get set up on the pity pot, and even start to hate ourselves because we cant follow through on anything we try to do. This all happens in our heads, without anyone else even knowing we are in distress. That’s why the battlefield is in the mind!!!

The problem with this cycle is that we feel inside like we are worthless, like we failed again, and like we are never going to get better. This just isn’t true. Any time we try, we win. There are times when I’ve had to go through this process numerous times, on each situation, daily, sometimes more than I can count. That is until I learned that it was actually me that won or lost; and all by my words and belief. This is the key, our words, our beliefs, our actions. We are responsible for our attitudes and all our wins or losses just by our words and beliefs. The problem is that no one told us that this is the way it works. We have been blaming, hating, resenting, and plotting to get even all because everyone has told us that it is outside of ourselves where the battle is joined, but it isn’t, its inside of ourselves, all of it. And, we win or loose by what we speak, and what we believe. We have won because we are survivors.

You know; “what if winning is turning it over and leaving it there???” What if the real test is that we need to learn to trust in ourselves and our Higher power to handle things that we can’t alone??? I mean all that goes on in our lives, all that we try to handle within ourselves, all the trouble, uncertainty, all the self doubt, all the “Do I really measure up”? what if the insecurities are all about us just not liking us for the moment? Can we actually break through that barrier, shove the doubt and uncertainty away and learn to just let the issues, troubles, insecurities, self esteem, self worth, let it go, leave it in prayer and go on and allow our Higher power to just handle the big stuff. What if winning is learning to turn it over??  The true winning in life is to have love and peace and kindness for ourselves. To truly love who we are no matter what we have been through.

So, if worry is sin, and stress is sin, and holding onto stuff that isn’t ours is sin, then we need to get a handle on not sinning. This has been done in my life to  certain point because I have just started to turn it over. I’m not stressing over anything anymore; if I can help it. I still catch myself every day, but I’m getting better. James 1 in the Christian bible states this fact very well. Who are we going to trust? Are we going to trust in God, the real God of the Bible, not the God of religion. Are we going to believe that Jesus is who He states that He is, or are we going to just try to keep going it alone ourselves??? I never got anywhere by myself. I need a Higher power in my life to help me. I call my Higher power Jesus, that’s my prerogative. You may call your Higher power anything you like for now. But, for me “my best thinking” got me screwed, up almost every time. There were some times that I was able to handle things, or win, if you will, but even a dead clock is right twice daily lol.

The point is, we need to love ourselves, we need to break that shell that we have been living in as we are the survivors or great victories. So, you ask “How am I a survivor of a great victory?” Well you lived through a situation that was supposed to kill you!!! You have survived through things that have killed some others, and you still have Spirit because you are still looking for answers. Look, the real deal is that we are in a battle for our Spirits. We are in the fight of our lives. Everyone has a calling on their lives, some big, some small. Some affect millions, some affect those around them, which are you?? We are in Spiritual Warfare, as if there is a black, there is a white, a dark, a light, a God a Lucifer, demons, then angels, he-van, then hell, all centered around us and our choices and beliefs. So, the enemy has tried to kill you, has tried to make you believe that you’re no good, that you’ll never amount to anything, then he tries to stress you out, tell you that you can never win because you can’t even handle this little stuff, but he is a liar. You have already won. You are strong, you have all the weapons you’ll ever need, and they are right in your bible, in your spirit, and in the recesses of your mind. You just have to go get them, realize that you are  a winner, and start living like one. Keep turning it over, keep letting it go, keep focused on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and you’l be just fine. Start to pray, start to talk to God, even if you don’t believe, and see what happens. Start to walk in victory, believe in yourself because of everything you have survived, as you are a winner, strong, and unbeatable if you know who you are.

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