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Still Small Voice

We all go through life looking to be validated; and with that, we look for hope, peace, love, grace, and friendships. We all look to the future, to a time when things will be as we want them. We want to have it be different from our now, as we all believe that everything will be better “when”! Unfortunately, unless we have found how to balance “when” never really comes. So the key is to find hope now. The key to hope is the rest of the long standing gifts, wisdom, peace, long-suffering, joy, friendship, and grace.

So, how do we get to a point in our lives where we have the people around us to count on? Because, its all about the people we have in our lives, and if we get into trouble, or find ourselves alone, we only have one to count on, and that one is God.  No matter what; the people, places, or things we have in our lives changes as we change, we grow, we live, we love, and sometimes we blow the most important thing; love.

So, in our lives spirituality is key !!! Without a spiritual connection, nothing matters. We have a spiritual connection with everything in our lives, with other people, with friends, even with strangers, when we get that little feeling not to go with someone, or not to do something, or to wait fort a few, only to find out that something horrible happened and we would have been right in the middle of it, its that feeling that saves our lives. That is the connection that we have with everyone and everything, learning to listen to it and trust it is what is important.

Listen to that still small voice, let it minister to you. Have faith that the God of life, the universe, and your belief system will protect you, come through for you, and never leave you or forsake you.

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