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Trust must be earned

We all go through life with only one chance to acquire trust. Trust must be earned through experience with others. As we grow, we are molded by our experiences and our hopes, dreams, and fantasies. What we choose to do, how we choose to do it, and what we do with what we have learned inside is what matters. As we grow, our lives are shaped by what we see, hear, feel, and expect.

Family Values

How we are taught, what we allow to become our normal will dictate our level of trust. If we see our family and friends say something, yet do something else, that shows us that our word is meaningless, which teaches us that what we say and what we do are two different things, and that is how trust is broken, and how we learn that we can do whatever; and it does not matter.


But, it does matter. Everything we do matters, all the time. Our word is the only thing we have that is worth anything. Our reputation, our way of life; what people see us do, hear us say, and how we act is what we are judged on. Here is the key, we need to always carry ourselves with dignity, honor, respect, and integrity. This is how we can be above reproach. We are trustworthy because we treat ourselves, and others with these four foundation principles. This is what causes trust to be in our lives.

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