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Mental Illness

Mental illness comes in a plethora of forms. There is no standard procedure, or set answer for what mental illness is, or how it happens, or why it happens. Most of the time it happens when you least expect it. And, it does not discriminate between the sexes, colors, creeds, or religion. It hits all aspects or the life it tries to take with no mercy.

People need to take it easy on themselves if they recognize that they have an issue with mental illness. It is not a stigma, it is a process or finding out what caused it, what to do about it, what works to get rid of it, and what medication do you need to take to lessen the effects of the issues you are experiencing. There is no shame in having to ask for help. There is no shame in having a mental illness. There is no shame in admitting you dint know what to do, and there is no shame in getting help.

We in America seem to believe that we always must do things by ourselves, and, if we must ask for help, somehow there is shame and guilt associated with weakness, or with being hurt. We can be concerned, caring about others, watching out for our family members, either biological or chosen, there is no difference. Just because we ourselves do not have a disease now does not mean we should not be watching each other’s backs. At some point each of us is going to have a disease or some type, which is not true. At times we all fall short. We all make judgement calls, we all get concerned with what is going on in our families lives, and we need to accept each other for who we are, and help others get back to their normal, not our perception of what their normal should be.

Do not assume because you are related to someone that you know them, or know what’s best for them. People have their own lives, their own sense of who they are, and what they want. You are best if you just allow yourself to be their friend or family member. Just be there with them and support them in whatever choices they make, and do not get all angry when they do not do what you think they should do. Just because it is what you would do, does not mean it is right for them. Learn to live in love. To think in love, to allow your friends and family members to grow in love because that is what they need to do.

Remember, love allows for issues, problems, differences, and negativity. It allows for change without judgement, it allows for change, and it makes no difference what happens, love is eternal. Just because there is trouble does not mean that love is not present, it just allows us to be able to show it more. And, please remember, mental illness is not catching. So, helping people with any form of mental illness will not put you in danger of catching whatever the person has.

If you need to talk to someone, please call our office at (570) 576-7979.

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