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Mental Health

Mental HealthMental health issues comes in all different shapes, sizes, and forms, just as people do. Mental health often has negative connotations connected to it. But mental health is something we all have to deal with whether we want to or not. It can take the form of positiveness, ambiguousness, or negativity. Sometimes we get our issues from our parents, sometimes from our situations, and sometimes from our circumstances. So, if this is true, then what brings us to life, life more abundantly, and what allows us to overcome defeat, and get past all the bad things that have happened to us. The whole thing boils down to our free will. We get to choose what happens to us. Parents can influence us, mold us, shape us. Friends can alert us that something is wrong, and spirituality can let us know something feels wrong. Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. When we are young, we have very little choice. We have to do what we are told, no matter how dysfunctional it happens to be. We watch, learn, and model what we see. But, as we grow older, the one gift we have intrinsically from God is choice.

So, sooner or later we can pull ourselves out of the doldrums, the muck and mire, and reach for something positive. We can choose to escape the madness. We can move forward from the depression, anxiety, and PTSD and get to the point where we are able to see another way. Talking to someone, letting it all out, and going forward to a better place is possible. This is the hope we all have. That with a little hard work, talking about what’s happening, and moving past the issuers can lead us to a better place. All by taking the chance, and making the choice to allow someone else in to help us walk out of the darkness.

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