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Inclusion is a funny thing. At times it can be used as a weapon, at other times it can be used as a common thread. How we treat ourselves, others, and the world around us connects us to everything. We should be celebrating each other. We are taught to walk in love by all the major religions, yet where is the agreement? It appears that there are wars over every aspect of our differences instead of learning about each other and ourselves. We are supposed to explore our differences and help each other walk through the difficult times lifting each other up, and should someone fall, we lift them up, helping each other through the tough times. It should not matter what others look like. It should not matter what sex we are or what we believe in, we are all human, and we all deserve to be treated with love.

We all need to keep ourselves from hate. We need to embrace the differences and teach each other what it means to be us. We also need to learn to love ourselves. None of us our perfect, and we all have our own problems and blemishes. We all need to value ourselves, have self-esteem, self-value, and self-confidence. The dysfunction we all experience in our families does not have to carry over to our lives and we can move forward from our experience and change things, so we do not spread the sickness to the next generation. We can bring light, help, love, and change to our kids, friends, parents, and work. We do not have to stay the same, we can change, follow a new path. We can get help, go to counseling, change the way we think, which allows us to change the way we feel, which helps us change the way we act.

Remember, we need to celebrate our differences, change our attitudes towards things we don’t understand, and have inclusion towards the things we do not understand. Teaching, learning, and understanding are the three things we should be holding on to. We need to walk in love, the high road is always better to follow.

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