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For Those Who Serve

This blog is for those who serve our country in every area of the military, counties, federal government or first responders, police, nurses, CAN’s, LPN’s.

Given our current atmosphere, there have to be questions by all people that were listed above. Questions like What’s the point?, or How do I keep going in all this change and hate for our professions?, or statements like This just isn’t worth it anymore. These are all correct things to be asking yourself in this current atmosphere that we happen to find ourselves living in. There is a very funny thing that happens to people born to serve.

They do things like running into a building while everyone else is running out. They hold the line while many are fearful and back down. They serve, and usually walk in love when they do so. Front line combat or battle is done daily in all areas of their lives. Emotions, mental awareness, physical strength, and even sexuality are heightened due to all the adrenaline flowing. And after all of that rush…then, we wait or rest. This rush and rest attitude and the fact that you have to be “on” all the time can easily wear someone out if not protected.

No one talks about what is seen or done, and no one gets help because we are supposed to be better than that… We just get through things because that’s we always do. We don’t share our feelings or our emotions. We DO cope by drinking, drugging, crying (usually when no one is around), and do many other sideways things to relieve the pressure. But deep down, we know that none of those things ever help longer than just a short period of time. It also doesn’t help that this lifestyle is a calling. This is not something you wake up one morning and just say, “I’m gonna work for no money, long hours, and almost guaranteed PTSD or at least secondary post-traumatic stress disorder.”

No, those people who run in when others run away, those who defend those who cant defend themselves are cut from another kind of cloth. This means that we also need to know how to take care of ourselves. There are many different paths to recovery and peace, and we at Alpha & Omega have been treating military, first responders, correction officers, police, Act 235, nurses, doctors, and EMT’s for 15 years now. We meet with you, get to understand your personal background, and we work with you to develop the best path to recapture YOU.

If you need someone to talk to who knows what the deal is please do not hesitate to call us at our office number ((570) 503-1944) and we will get you in as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: By clicking on any of the following links, you will be leaving the Alpha & Omega Counseling Center website and be taken to the US Department of Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention page. Please note that Alpha & Omega Counseling Center is not responsible for the information, content or product(s) found on third party web sites.

If you’re a Veteran in a mental health crisis and you’re thinking about hurting yourself—or you know a Veteran who’s considering this—get help right away. You’re not alone. Visit or

To connect with a Veterans Crisis Line responder anytime day or night.

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