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Mental health effects from Sexual platforms

As we know sexual contact on the web started to spread in the late 80’s early 90’s, half a million sex sites, with one hundred fresh ones popping up each week to virtual-reality kink.( VR sex) and much more. These sites can all be viewed through a computer or a tablet even our smart phones, there is no limit to see any kind of pornography.

After years of therapy I have had many clients that have stated, after seeing all the sexual contact all over the internet they start to feel a sense of disgust. The disgust comes after the urge of seeking the pornography and the after effects. Clients, specifically men have said that this makes me lose their self-worth and feel like they can’t have a real relationship with females. Some clients even young men ages ranging from 19-23 years old. Clients said they don’t even know how to act around a female, how to get to know them in person and even how a woman should be treated. Men start looking at woman as an object for their body which brings that stigma up making every woman look like all they want is money for sex or pictures and or videos. “Only fans”, tick tock, instagram , facebook are sites where woman are exposing their bodies. This is the beginning of the issues men are having. It’s so easy to get that satisfaction from just a video rather than having a human connection there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Number one is what are the negative effects of all the sexual content on social media? As stated before by seeing all the images and being able to have a relationship with an AI this keeps people from being able to create real life relations. This causes anxiety, depression, loneliness, lack of communication, lack of trust, lack of self-worth, shame, and feelings of the beginning of a sexual addiction and even physical ailments. These sites are made to activate the brains reward center by releasing dopamine a feel good chemical. These feelings can create an addictive personality. This leaves people at risk and being vulnerable to the negative effects of social media linked to sex. If you feel that you are someone that struggles from feelings of shame, depressed, lack of emotional connection because you can’t get yourself to have a relationship then coming to therapy would help to learn the tools of how to stay away from the web and boost your self confidence

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