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Still Small Voice

We all go through life looking to be validated; and with that, we look for hope, peace, love, grace, and friendships. We all look to the future, to a time when things will be as we want them. We want…

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Letting Go: Part 2

So, once we let things go, how do we leave them go??? Most of us are able to let things go, but right after that, we take it back. So, we end up worse than when we started because when…

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Letting Go: Part 1

We all have trouble with letting things go. It really doesn't matter whether it's people places or things, letting them go is tough. I think it's so tough because we set expectations on everything we do, everything we get involved…

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This is a touchy subject, especially when it's adolescents that we are talking about. There are differences between adolescents and adults behavior before the actual act or attempt, but a lot of the reasons are the same, thus the initial…

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Balance is the perfect union between all things going on in your life at one time. It also includes all things involved in your life. The marriage between what is going on, and how I feel about it. What is…

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