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Addiction Counseling in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Is your addiction getting in the way of your daily life? Does your addiction take priority over your relationships, or general health and well-being?

Whether it be pornography/sex addiction, drugs or alcohol substance abuse, gambling addiction, work, cell phones, shopping, video games, etc… addiction is a chronic and rehabilitating disease that many of us will struggle with at some point in our lives. Addiction counseling can help reclaim your life, health and relationships.

At Alpha & Omega Counseling Center, based in Scranton PA, we offer step by step addiction therapy and addiction counseling that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. We all know that no two people in this world are alike, and our professional addiction counselors will tailor your counseling sessions to your unique needs. In our addiction counseling sessions, we will explore the underlying issues or old patterns that may hinder your progress. We will also help you develop healthy and positive habits to free yourself from the addiction.

Addiction Support Groups

We believe that being around people with similar addictions and stories can be very therapeutic. Our addiction support groups will help you meet others who are struggling with the same addictions and will help you learn from each other.

Your road to recovery from addiction starts here!

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