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Marriage & Couples Counseling in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Being in a relationship is very hard. At Alpha & Omega Counseling Center, we want to see your relationship succeed and grow. In order to grow, both parties must be willing to do what it takes to get the relationship on the right path. Sometimes, your relationship might need the help of a professional marriage counselor.

Our couples counseling sessions include meeting both as a couple as well as individually. We will assess the of your marriage or relationship such as expectations, specific issues, communication, parenting, conflict resolution, finances, sexual relationship and spiritual beliefs.

No matter where you are in your relationship, good or bad, stale or exciting, unhappy or predictable, our expert marriage counseling can help.

Alpha and Omega Counseling offers professional marriage counseling in Scranton PA. Our certified marriage counselors will help you and your partner learn to communicate in a healthy manner and work through any specific issues. Our couples counseling sessions take place in a safe and confidential atmosphere where each person can express their thoughts and emotions freely.

You deserve to be in a good relationship, and we will work together with you and your partner to make that happen.

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