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Artie V

“My experience in coming to Stephen Shafer for counseling has been nothing short of awesome. I like many people, did not know what to expect when starting counseling and quite frankly I was skeptical. As a combat veteran of OIF and a recently going through a divorce, I thought he would have his work cut out for him. But to my surprise he was able to help me in ways that I couldn’t imagine. Stephen brings such a great combination of education, faith, experience in his field, and amazing life experience to the table when I see him. There was not one instance in my time with him that he couldn’t give me a new perspective on everything that I needed to confront and deal with in my life. He has really helped me, help myself, and I am very thankful that I went to him. He provides a very comfortable and laid back atmosphere and I would highly recommend him to any person, regardless of their background, to Mr. Shafer for counseling. I have learned what an invaluable service he provides and hope anyone going through a hard time in their personal life will reach out and do the same.”

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